What really helps me work

Here are few simple rules for working that are most useful to me.

1. Be 100% on it

When you relax, really relax. Do not have any doubts about what you could be doing instead.
Same applies to work. These two things might spoil each other perfectly.
When you do something, just do it properly, do not postpone small things for ‘later’.

2. Prioritize

Review your to-do list often. Make sure you know what is really important at the moment.

3. Share your knowledge

Giving out some parts of your know-how will give a lot to you too. Writing something down, means giving it shape, re-thinking it. Sharing it means also getting opinions back and improving it again.

4. Do not let your thoughts and ideas go away

Write it down! Sketch it! As soon as possible.

5. Do things properly

Whatever you do, do it like you mean it. Never ever do things ‘just for yourself’.

6. Try new things properly

Whatever seems interesting to you, try it, do it. When you are trying something for the first time, do not let its features slip through your fingers unnoticed.

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