Ideas of March

Writing more about what I do is one of my goals for this year and trust me, it wasn’t a pleasant surprise when I realized it’s already March and I have written only one article (and a half) on my blog and two little texts for WORN magazine. But well, it’s better to simply accept that and continue with better attitude. So let’s open and overview of English tenses and back to work (by the way, Merriam-Webster has a great Android app).

Blogs are great platform for reflecting yours and other peoples thoughts. Also advanced discussions happen between articles on different blogs. They are often sparks for greater things, like shifts in thinking about web/creating web.

Formulating your thoughts is also very good for you. Writing down what you’re thinking about shapes your ideas and opinions, makes you verify your points and be consistent. At least ideally, in the world of rainbows and unicorns where some people think I live.

This post is my way of joining the initiative created by Chris Shiflett to encourage blogging. Don’t hesitate to add your bit!
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