On fear

Thinking that my skills aren’t good enough to make my idea happen, being afraid to start a new project, not trying often enough, being afraid to talk to people I admire — these are things that happen too often to me. Well, they actually, don’t just ‘happen to me’. It’s my way of looking at world, my fear.

Recently I started with little things — when ordering food at a restaurant I often choose things I have no idea what they are or I alter my how I go to the office. Suddenly talking to people I don’t know got easier as well, I find it a bit easier to start on projects that include lot of things I have no experience with. It feels great and as a bonus I’ve discovered lots of new things to eat!

Now, here is someone who got much further with this attitude, Linda Sandvik. Her talk about her journey out of comfort zone is great and it’s fun:

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