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Unsolicited redesign is a strange beast

From time to time an unsolicited redesign pops up and receives a lot of attention. This time it was Fred Nerby’s take on Facebook’s look and concept. Unsolicited redesigns are a new look on something familiar and they seem to be an interesting experiment or exercise for the designers creating them. That is great. On Read More

On fear

Thinking that my skills aren’t good enough to make my idea happen, being afraid to start a new project, not trying often enough, being afraid to talk to people I admire — these are things that happen too often to me. Well, they actually, don’t just ‘happen to me’. It’s my way of looking at Read More

365 ideas project: wrapping up

More than 2 years ago I started my 365 ideas project. I made a brave decision to create one collage every day for a year (I know!). I wanted to commit to doing creative work regularly again. I had been attending afternoon art classes since I was kid until the age of 20 – expressing Read More

Ideas of March

Writing more about what I do is one of my goals for this year and trust me, it wasn’t a pleasant surprise when I realized it’s already March and I have written only one article (and a half) on my blog and two little texts for WORN magazine. But well, it’s better to simply accept that and Read More

The Manual 1 – Summary and Some Thoughts

The Manual is published three times a year and contains six texts and six lessons all written by people from the web industry. It attempts to widen our thinking about what we do. As publisher Andy McMillan puts it – The Manual is not about how, it focuses on why. The Manual is awesome. Here Read More

Inspired by a beautiful contradiction

There are two things that recently made me think about how I do stuff. The first one is about some dangerous routines and over-consumption of information. The second one introduces some useful routines and relates to consumption in a creative way. The first thing is an article by

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365 ideas is my personal creativity training. It's finished now.

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