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What happened to ’365 ideas’

My 365 ideas project changed. It was supposed to be a daily picture creation. This phase lasted approx. 3 months and helped to grow my creativity greatly.

Since then I have created my pictures less and less often. But what is important, the creativity level stays and helps me a lot in my webdesign work.

At the moment I create pictures only when I feel like it’s a good time. I finally managed to do constant creative work on my own. The ’365′ doesn’t mean daily picture anymore, it became daily creative thinking. Target of this project is accomplished but I won’t stop with it. Also there are now other personal projects I am working on.

I very much appreciate that you people are following my project!

What really helps me work

Here are few simple rules for working that are most useful to me. 1. Be 100% on it When you relax, really relax. Do not have any doubts about what you could be doing instead. Same applies to work. These two things might spoil each other perfectly. When you do something, just do it properly, Read More

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365 ideas is my personal creativity training. It's finished now.

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