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The Manual 1 – Summary and Some Thoughts

The Manual is published three times a year and contains six texts and six lessons all written by people from the web industry. It attempts to widen our thinking about what we do. As publisher Andy McMillan puts it – The Manual is not about how, it focuses on why. The Manual is awesome. Here Read More

Inspired by a beautiful contradiction

There are two things that recently made me think about how I do stuff. The first one is about some dangerous routines and over-consumption of information. The second one introduces some useful routines and relates to consumption in a creative way. The first thing is an article by

My sketchnotes from Build 2011

I have posted my sketchnotes from Build conference here on Flickr.

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Adding other social media feeds to Twitter

It sounds like a nice idea – thanks to importing other feeds to your Twitter you will have more tweets and provide more information. Why not merge more of social media feeds into one and let your followers see everything? In most cases people just add one or two other feeds to their Twitter. Adding Read More

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Information addiction – best of my RSS feeds (creative edition)

My RSS reader (google reader) contains 79 feeds. I add and delete them often to have this information channel as ‘fresh’ as possible. Here is my recent ‘best of’ sorted by topic. Blogs for arty farty Beautiful/Decay Magazine Every day they add around 5 articles about different artists and their taste is just great! Began Read More

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365 ideas is my personal creativity training. It's finished now.

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