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The Manual 1 – Summary and Some Thoughts

The Manual is published three times a year and contains six texts and six lessons all written by people from the web industry. It attempts to widen our thinking about what we do. As publisher Andy McMillan puts it – The Manual is not about how, it focuses on why. The Manual is awesome. Here Read More

My sketchnotes from Build 2011

I have posted my sketchnotes from Build conference here on Flickr.

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Different Prague

Here is a little something I made recently. I tried to make my hometown nicer. Have a look to see how the beautiful city of Prague would look like without (mostly) ugly and insensitively placed signs and advertising.

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Simple Firefox extensions useful for web designers

As a Firefox user, I really enjoy making my browser more powerful with various add-ons, especially the ones that help me in my work.

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365 ideas is my personal creativity training. It's finished now.

See all the images.