My work: 33spreads website

A small website I created recently. 33 spreads.

Presentation of final year project for Photography Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.


Adding other social media feeds to Twitter

It sounds like a nice idea – thanks to importing other feeds to your Twitter you will have more tweets and provide more information. Why not merge more of social media feeds into one and let your followers see everything?

In most cases people just add one or two other feeds to their Twitter. Adding all of them already is a obvious disaster. But still, why not just a little bit?

Small bit might work well, but still – be careful.

In general, the feed you will add to your Twitter should be touching the same or similar subject as your Twitter updates. That is the only way it will fit in. Mostly this might be notifications about new articles on your blog.

The usual no go situation is dumping your facebook statuses, favorite songs, gowalla/foursquare notifications. It is the same as writing about what you have just eaten – boring, unless you are a food journalist, musical enthusiast or a superstar of some kind.

People who want to follow your updates from a different platform are most often part of that network as well so they will follow you there.

Your other Twitter posts might be great, but when you force your followers to desperately try to ignore all this information that is totally useless to them, you might start loosing them. What you will also loose is a general value of information in your Twitter feed. Your nice Twitter statuses will get mixed and lost in the junk that says nothing about anything.

Simply put – try to make most out of your tweets or you will be ignored.

Keep Twitter clean, it is still a kind of blogging and that means mostly writing and creating something, not just re-pasting and re-posting stuff.

What really helps me work

Here are few simple rules for working that are most useful to me.

1. Be 100% on it

When you relax, really relax. Do not have any doubts about what you could be doing instead.
Same applies to work. These two things might spoil each other perfectly.
When you do something, just do it properly, do not postpone small things for ‘later’.

2. Prioritize

Review your to-do list often. Make sure you know what is really important at the moment.

3. Share your knowledge

Giving out some parts of your know-how will give a lot to you too. Writing something down, means giving it shape, re-thinking it. Sharing it means also getting opinions back and improving it again.

4. Do not let your thoughts and ideas go away

Write it down! Sketch it! As soon as possible.

5. Do things properly

Whatever you do, do it like you mean it. Never ever do things ‘just for yourself’.

6. Try new things properly

Whatever seems interesting to you, try it, do it. When you are trying something for the first time, do not let its features slip through your fingers unnoticed.

Information addiction – best of my RSS feeds (creative edition)

My RSS reader (google reader) contains 79 feeds. I add and delete them often to have this information channel as ‘fresh’ as possible. Here is my recent ‘best of’ sorted by topic.


Blogs for arty farty

Beautiful/Decay Magazine
Every day they add around 5 articles about different artists and their taste is just great! Began as a fanzine in 1996.
RSS | website

blood of the young zine
The name says it. Very fresh stuff with a bit of punk in it.
RSS | website

the strange attractor
The ‘strange and exceptional art from around the world’.
RSS | website

Blogs for a (graphic) designer

Insightful and influential articles on graphic design, branding, typography.
RSS | website

typo jungle
Mostly typography. Mostly very original.
RSS | website

grain edit
My favorite dose of graphic design with retro feeling.
RSS | website

monsieur bandit
Design, illustration, storytelling, retro feeling.
RSS | website

Add your favorite RSS feeds of related topics in the comments!
Looking forward to it!

[cz]Design pro peněženky

Na letošním Code:Mode (Prague Free Fashion Weekend 2010), který začíná již zítra, bude k dostání i peněženka s mým obrázkem z projektu 365 ideas. Najdete ji na stánku, který je zodpovědný i za její realizaci.


Social networking in two languages

When thinking about this blog one of the first things that came to my mind was a language I will use. Also, whenever writing a tweet or a facebook status, I always decide between English and my mother tongue – Czech.

English has much wider audience but I still want to keep using Czech. Writing everything in both languages is a choice too, but that is quite time consuming.

Two things matter:
1) The audience.
2) The information.

Is your information interesting in general or is it a local matter?
Is it something heavily discussed in e.g. English and not noticed enough in Czech?


I like to have a chance for a wider audience, keep consistency and still use my mother tongue. So a result of this will be a blog or a twitter feed (or posterous, or tumblr, .. ) with most posts in English and some in Czech.

What do you think? What is your solution? (in English please ;) )

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